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the only thing i could think about during this line

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i’m cRYING

I’m shoving this in everyone’s face…

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I think I want Margaery and Brienne to be BFFs.

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I kinda want a spinoff featuring these two being snarky badasses and stirring shit up.

I kinda want a spinoff featuring these two being snarky badasses and stirring shit up.

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Game of Thrones :)

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Tell me nice (canon) gendrya things from the books.
Anonymous asked

They’re closer in age in the books.

They’re adorable as hell.

GRRM wrote them a song. You can listen to a fan arrangement here.

In a world where everyone always had mistaken long-haired Arya as a boy, Gendry realized that short-haired Arya was a girl. (Well, either a girl or “some eunuch.” Arya’s witty comeback: ”You’re the eunuch.” And Gendry’s response was“You know I’m not.You want me to take out my cock and prove it?”)

Their situation doesn’t really allow for a lot of fun and games but they do have a few moments where they tease each other- “Gendry reached out with the tongs as if to pinch her face, but Arya swatted them away”; “You even smell nice for a change” “You don’t. You stink!”- and it’s adorable as hell.

"The only thing that mattered was that they had Gendry.

There’s a creepy old dude trying to hit on Arya. Gendry tells him that Arya’s his sister and to back the fuck off.
The following conversation ensues:

“Why did you say that?” Arya hopped to her feet. “You’re not my brother.”
“That’s right,” he said angrily. “I’m too bloody lowborn to be kin to m’lady high.”
Arya was taken aback by the fury in his voice. “That’s not the way I meant it.”

.You can potentially interpret ‘the way I meant it’ was “I can’t think of you as my brother because I’m not going to have that much in common with Cersei.” Haha.

Arya wore a dress and said she looked like a tree. But Gendry told her she was a nice tree. Adorable. As. Hell.

Oh, also they wrestled. And it was adorable as hell.


They’re adorable as hell. And GRRM wrote a song for them.

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Cersei: But you love him.


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My mom pranced around the kitchen after Joff’s demise singing, “ding dong the prick is dead! Which old prick? The wicked prick!”

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I think it’s awfully convenient that when characters from books or movies go to alternate universes everyone speaks English.

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Had a dream that Legend of Korra didn’t exist and instead we got a spinoff about Sokka and Suki’s adventures with their band of children. It was called Fan and Sword. Why isn’t it real?

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Take a moment to imagine how freaking awesome it would be if Violet Crawley and Olenna Tyrell could hang out.

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Downloading the last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. TIME TO FIX THEM.

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Joffrey is the proof that the Malfoys and the Umbridges have a common ancestor.

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